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Returner Social

Training Session #1

Returning Officials Only

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6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Training Session #2

1st - 3rd Year Officials


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ALL Officials

Official's Code of ethics

  • Officials at interscholastic athletic events are participants in the educational development of high school students. As such, they must exercise a high level of self-discipline, independence and responsibility. The purpose of this Code is to establish guidelines for ethical standards of conduct for all interscholastic officials. 
  • Officials shall master both the rules of the game and the mechanics necessary to enforce the rules, and shall exercise authority in an impartial, firm and controlled manner. 
  • Officials shall work with each other and their state associations in a constructive and cooperative manner. 
  • Officials shall uphold the honor and dignity of the profession in all interaction with student-athletes, coaches, athletic directors, school administrators, colleagues, and the public. 
  • Officials shall prepare themselves both physically and mentally, shall dress neatly and appropriately, and shall comport themselves in a manner consistent with the high standards of the profession. 
  • Officials shall be punctual and professional in the fulfillment of all contractual obligations. 
  • Officials shall remain mindful that their conduct influences the respect that student-athletes, coaches and the public hold for the profession. 
  • Officials shall, while enforcing the rules of play, remain aware of the inherent risk of injury that competition poses to student-athletes. Where appropriate, they shall inform event management of conditions or situations that appear unreasonably hazardous. 
  • Officials shall take reasonable steps to educate themselves in the recognition of emergency conditions that might arise during the course of competition. 


The officials uniform shall be: 
  • An all-white, short-sleeved collared polo shirt

  • Black slacks

  • Solid black athletic shoes and black socks.

Referees equipment shall include: 
  • For the first referee, a whistle, a set of yellow and red cards, a coin and a watch. 
  • For the second referee, a whistle, lineup “card,” a pen/pencil, a set of ­yellow and red cards, a coin and a watch. 


Goals and Guidelines- assignments are given based on the officials ability to demonstrate progressive proficiencies as designed by the goals and guidelines outlined in this document.

Pay Structure- Officials are paid at the end of each association meeting.

OSAA Fee Structure

Current EEVO Officials

Assignments and officials contacts can be found by logging into the arbiter.