“Whereas players and coaches are closely studied, celebrated tweeters and very public, officials tend to be a quieter bunch, staying out of the limelight.  They surely hope that their 15 minutes of fame will be a brief comment on SportsCenter about how he (or she) made a correct call.  And if the call was great enough, perhaps no one will ever remember who made it. “     - Gil Imber is Bleacher Report's Rules Featured Columnist



match schedules will be posted here when the season begins


The first team listed notes the home location



Hello fellow officials,
One Interpretation, One Rule, One Mechanic… ONE ASSOCIATION!  In order for us to all work together as a team, we need to have the same understanding and practice the same techniques.  Whether we are referring to national rules, state protocols, or our association’s practices, it is always better when we put our heads together. 

On a regular basis, we are going to post updates for our members sharing the scenarios and questions that arise each week.  Even if there is nothing new “hitting the fan” so to speak, I will include reminders to keep your rules knowledge fresh and continual.


Season 2014, Issue #1

Trainer Contact Information:

Email: eevotrainer@hotmail.com
Phone: In Transition - Coming Soon!

Additional Training information will be posted as needed. Check back often!

Additional resources can be found on the arbiter.